Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Friday September 18, 2015 by Amelia Carruth.

Answers to frequently asked questions

1.  How is the schedule determined?

       There is a process defined that breaks teams into conferences with the goal to have even teams in each conference to play the 5 weeks of regular game play.  So, the teams for each division (minors, MJV, MV, SJV, and SV) are split into equal conferences of 6 if possible.  The teams are then scheduled to play within their conference.  If the teams cannot be split into 6 equal conferences, there are different guidelines depending on the number of teams playing.  For more details, please reference the scheduling guidelines - page 1 and 2.


2.  What teams are selected for the championship bracket?

The TCYFL uses a three week playoff structure. Each age division shall fill an eight-team championship bracket based on win loss records.  The overall score does not play a part in deciding which teams advance to the championship bracket. 
NOTE: Tie games count as one-half win and one-half loss for both clubs.


3.  What if two teams in the same division have the same record at the end of the season? What determines the team that goes to the championship bracket?

The process involves looking at the win/loss records of the various teams played during the regular season.  For detailed information, on how this is done, review the scheduling guidelines starting on page 3.


4.  How are the championship games decided?

Depending on the number of conferences, the teams are paired up based on record for the initial game.  The rest of the games are determined based on a single elimination format -- meaning the winner of each week is advanced in the playoff bracket until there are only 2 teams left for the championship game.  For details, review the scheduling guidlines on page 5.