Coaches Registration

Updated Friday May 27, 2016 by Amelia Carruth.

Coaches and Volunteers Register Online


All coaches and volunteers need to register online. Any volunteer who is going to interact with the participants and/or needs game and practice field access needs to register online. Some examples, but not limited to, are team coaches, team assistant coaches, franchise head coaches, and franchise coordinators.

Registering online is the same process as registering a player. If you already have a player registered, then you already have an account with SportsSignup. You login to your account and choose to register yourself.

First you register for the Program (Cheer, Football, Shelton Football), a Division (Minors, MJV, MV, SJV, SV), and a Role. A photo is required for all volunteers. Field Access badges will have our photo. You will also notice an option to register for the Background Check. Register for the Program, Division, and Role first. Remember your team name should match your franchise.

After registering for the above, then you return to your account and register for the Background Check (KidSafe Plus Program). There is a cost to you of $10.00. The KidSafe Plus program is a much more advanced background check and it does cost more. The TCYFL is covering half the cost. You will be notified if there is a problem with your background check.

Finally, all coaches must take the USA Football Headsup certification class.  For the code for the class, please speak with your Franchise head coach.  The USA Football Headsup Tackle 1 certification is your concussion certification as well.

Of course you will still need to attend a Certification Class and print the required documents to bring to the class.  Do not attend a class without the USA Football Tackle 1 certificate.

This process will allow us to better communicate with our volunteers as well as create team pages for you to better communicate with your teams (mass emails, mass texting, schedules, rosters, etc.). Thank you for volunteering. The TCYFL is a premier youth sports league because of our quality volunteers. Again Thank You.

Scott Erickson

TCYFL President