Field Marshall Responsibilities

Updated Friday June 19, 2015 by Amelia Carruth.

The Field Marshal is basically the person responsible for oversight of all field operations on game day.

Duties include:

  • · Supervision of proper field set-up;
  • · Monitoring game clock and scoreboard operations;
  • · Giving direction to teams on where to warm-up;
  • · Assisting the referees, as requested, in the event of field or TCYFL rules disputes;
  • · Monitoring the activities of players, coaches, and spectators to ensure all adhere to the governing school district field use policies; and

A more detailed description and chain of events is provided below:


Ø A copy of TCYFL RULES.

Ø A list of contacts and emergency numbers for the VP of Referees, the VP of Gameday Operations, and the facility site managers.

Ø The Field Marshal badge.

Ø A copy of all team's rosters with weights and jersey numbers.

Ø Incident report forms.

Ø Score reporting forms.

Pre-Game Duties

Ø Site should be close to the field, protected from rain, outside of end zones or on running track. Site should not be in scorer's booth.

Ø Should be able to see playing field and whole facilities.

  • · Scoreboard/Clock

Ø Prior to each game make sure there is someone assigned to run scoreboard/clock.

Ø Check for proper operation.

Ø Make sure the person(s) running the scoreboard/clock know how to operate them and know the official clock management rules.

  • · Inspect field for play

Ø All necessary equipment accounted for, down box marker, 10-yard chain-set, goal post padding, goal markers, sideline yard markers, benches, water if available.

Ø All nonessential equipment moved a safe distance away from playing field.

Greet each team

Greet Referees

  • · Remind them of TCYFL-specific rules regarding time-outs per half (2), mercy rule (running clock if ahead by 21 in second half), and overtime procedure (Kansas City tie-breaker from the 10 yard-line; maximum 3 rounds).

During the Game

Ø The referees usually are not educated about TCYFL-specific rules including weight limits, time outs, etc.

Ø Any football related judgment call by the referees is final.

Ø Different fields have different viewing areas.

Ø As a rule of thumb, the spectators should stay off of the field, sidelines, and surrounding track.

Ø There is no smoking at any TCYFL event and it is illegal on school property.

Ø Pets are not allowed in most of the stadiums.

Ø Water is the only beverage allowed on any Field-Turf facility.

On-field Video & Photography

Field Lights

After Game

Ø This needs to be reported to the TCYFL Web Site:

Ø E-mail the report Saturday night or Sunday.

Ø Hand over Field Marshal Kit and badge.

Ø Do not remove anything from the Field Marshal Kit.

  • · The Field Marshal of the last game is responsible for:

Ø reporting all scores recorded for that day at that facility.

Ø Contacting the VP of Gameday Operations to return the Field Marshal Kit.